To secure your spot on any of the class, please get in touch directly 

Yoga at Bridge 5 Mill

Tuesdays 1-2pm @ Bridge 5 Mill

22a Beswick St, Ancoates, M4 7HR

Using a lunch break within the offices of Bridge 5 Mill to step away from the desk and the ongoing to do list. Take time to listen to the body through postures and a small flow section, tune into the breath, giving yourself a chance to reconnect.

Holt Town tram stop is 5 minutes walk away or New Islington tram stop is 10 minutes walk.

Drop in £5

Mats provided

This class depends on the availability on space within Bridge 5 Mill, occasionally they will have to cancel for conferences, meetings and events. Join my  mailing list for updates.

To secure your spot on this class, please get in touch directly



Tuesday Night Yoga at the Little Box Gym

136 St Werburghs Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 8UQ

Swara Core Yoga 6-6.45pm*

Simple repeated Yoga postures paired with breathing patterns focussing on your core. Build strength and stability from the inside out.

Drop in £5

*Book online via The little Box Gym

Clay Calm. Yoga for Potters 7-8pm

Collaborating with the Clay Ceramics Studio in Hulme, experience a Yoga class to address the physical demands of throwing clay over a wheel. We will move through a slow flow practicing postures to target opening the chest, easing the neck and shoulders, lengthen through the spine and show some TLC to the ankles and lower legs.

Drop in £6

Fancy an evening of mindful movement? 

Mats provided


Friday Slow Flow 7-7.45am

Slow flow Yoga, matching the movement with the breath to focus the mind whilst building stamina and strength, but nothing too intense that early in the morning! Join me bright and early to rouse the body, mobilise joints and prepare the body for rest of your day. 

136 St Werburghs Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 8UQ

Drop in £5 from

Mats provided


Not feeling a class environment?

1:1 guidance available throughout the week. Book Online for Studio65, 65 Cornbrook St, Old Trafford M16 7QB

Or Get in touch to organise a session at the little box gym, 136 St Werburghs Rd, Chorlton, M21 8UQ. £5 additional cost


30 mins £20

45 mins £25

60 mins £30