How I work

I believe the world needs more human touch. It's an instinctive human response to pain and an immediate reconnection (even if fleeting) to the body. Our body's serve us in numerous incredible ways & massage is one practice to check in with ourselves and listen to what and where may need a little more attention. 

I invite you to choose the length of treatment and whether you like your treatment on the massage couch or on the floor mat. Depending on your the desired focus  I will use the most appropriate massage techniques for you to get the most out of your time.  Whether it be a full body massage or focussing on a specific area. No routines. If you would prefer a specific technique, just let me know.




Deep Tissue Massage

This technique uses deep pressure, long strokes with the palm, knuckles, elbows and forearm and some assisted stretching to release muscle tension. DTM focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the lovely layer that protects the muscles, bones and joints). Good for those who prefer deeper pressure, sports enthusiasts and those who suffer from chronic muscle pain.


DTM is wonderful for increasing circulation allowing improved blood flow to areas of inflammation that cause pain. It helps alleviate muscle tension to reduce chronic pain by dispersing those niggly fibrous knots that make us wince! DTM can also reduce blood pressure and increase the production of serotonin encouraging a feeling of well being. With deeper pressure it may be slightly uncomfortable at times and you may experience a “sweet pain”. A phrase that is used by clients "It hurts so good". Bruising can occur, but shouldn't be of great concern and is part of the body's way to get blood to the problem area to allow for healing.  


Watpo Thai Massage

Through traditional Thai medicine and techniques Watpo massage uses deep thumb and palm pressure on different energy lines in the body. Thai massage is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga as it also involves stretching methods to treat aches and pains to restore balance. For a full Thai Massage treatment it is performed on a floor mat and fully clothed. I ask that you wear anything comfy that you can stretch in (I have some thai pants you can borrow if you forget!). However I tend to incorporate Thai techniques during a table treatment.  Otherwise I can give a mixed technique treatment on the mat.


I believe it is vital for you to relax during treatments as an escape from your busy lifestyle. However following the Thai culture I experienced that life still carries on off of the massage mat. If you want to have access to your hand held device in order to keep on top of daily tasks I welcome you to do so. As long as I can do my job in treating you I am happy for you to do yours!


Swedish Body Massage

The primary goal of Swedish body massage is to relax. With the use of different techniques and pressures including effleurage, kneading and tapotement.


Swedish body massage increases circulation and the efficiency of the immune system. It assists the elimination of toxins, easing the tension in tired muscles and helping remove unnecessary scar tissue. Swedish body massage also encourages a wonderful sense of well being from the release of endorphins allowing your body to relax, recuperate and rebalance.


Natural Lift Facial Massage


This gentle treatment uses a combination of Indian and Japanese facial massage techniques, Acupressure & reflexology to provide a facelift without surgery. There is the option to use aromatherapy based products* to pamper your  face, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. If you'd like the treatment without products then there's more time for massage! The full treatment lasts  40-45 minutes. By the end you can feel as if you've had a full body treatment. I've had this treatment many times and can highly recommend it. The effects of this massage are immediate and noticeable for up to 48 hours after. This is ideal if you have a big event the next day or day after and want to look and feel your best. This treatment is lovely as a one off but the effects are greater if the treatments are ongoing. I recommend every fortnight or once a month.

*£10 for cleanser, toner and facial oil. See Products for what I'm currently using.



Indian Head Massage

If you enjoy your hair being twiddled and played with this is the treatment for you! Indian Head Massage covers the upper arms, shoulders, neck, head and face. (For the 60 minute treatment the arms and hands are included). I provide this treatment with you lying down so you can fully relax. 


This treatment improves the circulatory and lymphatic systems, assisting with the dispersal of toxins from tense muscles in the upper body. It is especially good for those suffering from headaches, migraines, trouble sleeping, anxiety and depression. 


Myofascial Release Therapy


Do you suffer from ongoing tension in certain areas of the body? Lower back, neck, hamstrings? This technique may be one for you to try. Fascia is connective tissue found all over the body. Not only does it surround the muscles but we wear a complete body sock of fascial under the skin (superficial fascia) and it wraps around every cell in every organ (deep or profound fascia). Functions of the fascia include:

  • maintaining normal shape

  • maintain the organs in their correct position

  • provides surface area for muscle attachment

  • network for nutrient transport to the blood and lymphatic system

  • transport links for the immune system

It connects our body, using the analogy of a knitted jumper, if you tug on one end of the jumper the rest of jumper will be affected. Fascia kindly guides the alignment of our blood vessels and nerves and homes our fat cells conserving body heat. Fascia is moist and slippery and allows muscles to glide over each other when stretching or contracting. However if there is any resistance from damage to the fascia or scar tissue adhesions can prevent the muscles from moving. Thomas Myers found that there are meridians or lines of fascia that aid the body’s movements. So if one area of the meridian is damaged, somewhere else along that line can be affected through tensionin the affected area but also away from the site of the adhesion. So a myofascial treatment technique is used to alleviate tension, restrictions and adhesions in the myofascia in order to restore balance and function. A treatment consists of slow long strokes using a lighter pressure. This technique is used to encourage tissue change not forcing it! It can be performed without oil or wax to allow deeper feeling into the tissue. It’s wonderfully relaxing and has rather profound results. It can be part of a treatment of various techniques or used independently. Book in and see what freedom it provides for you.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is adapted from Swedish body massage for pregnancy, so as an expecting baby mama  you can enjoy a relaxing massage as part of your pre-natal care regimen.

It is generally recommended to wait until your second trimester for any type of massage then pregnancy massages can continue until you give birth. If it is your first pregnancy ideally wait until 16 weeks just to be on the safe side. Additionally, in the weeks and months following the birth, post-natal massage can be used to help your incredible body recover from the stress of pregnancy and delivery.

Due to the many physical changes to accommodate housing a tiny human, you may experience pain and soreness throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, pregnancy massage is a glorious complementary therapy beneficial to you in a numerous ways including:

  • relaxation and stress reduction.

  •  lower back, neck, hips, and leg muscle relief.

  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling. eg swollen feet and ankles.

  • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.

  • Improves outcome of labour and eases labour pain.

  • Support for you for both the physical and emotional strains of mothering.

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