Medical Conditions


I do not present myself as a medical centre. I am not a medically trained practitioner and cannot provide medical advice.

If you have a particular medical condition, suffer from severe allergies, ill health or are pregnant I advise you to speak to your GP prior to arrival to ensure you can receive your desired treatment. In some instances I may require written confirmation from your GP. 

The list below highlights the main medical conditions that I need to be aware of and, in some cases, treatments may not be advisable. Please get in touch to check if treatments can be modified or if permission from your GP is required



Mobility problems  

Verruca* / Warts


Heart disorders 


Skin disease / disorders 


Metal pins / plates 


Surgery in the last 3 months to visit 

Nut or wheat allergies 

Recent head or neck injuries


All treatments booked are subject to medical status. I reserve the right to refuse treatments if it is not considered to be in the best interest of the client.

For Yoga sessions please inform me of any current or past injuries that may impact certain practices.

*Clients must ensure that the Verrucas / foot conditions are suitably covered in the interest of hygiene. In some cases the affected area may have to be avoided during treatment.


If you have any concerns please get in touch via