My approach to Yoga and my teachings to you.


Yoga, translated from Sankskrit is "yoking", "union" or "connecting". Connecting you with you.  Connecting or feeling the union with all those around you. Connecting back to the earth that we reside on. Connecting to those you love and those you may not love so much. Yoga is not a tangible thing, in a sense we do not practice Yoga. What we practice are the conditions from a bag of tools including but not limited to: breath work, meditation, asana (postures), movement and mantra (chanting). With these practices you can use to develop your Yoga, not just in a Yoga studio or on your mat but from moment to moment in every day life to find a level of integration from all that is.  Yoga can help you be here right now with this moment so you can see your situation for what it really is. My approach is not to instruct you to bend into a shape but to guide you so you can make the choices  to bend into shapes that match your capabilities rather than bending to anyone else's expectations. Asking how do I find Yoga? Don't stop asking.


I want to work with you not by hitting a pose but by tapping into your potential. Working with the breath is of upmost importance as it is our constant guide. Pranayama (breath work) paired with repetitive movement patterns (Swara Cycles) I have found to be an invaluable practice. It is a slow flow but challenging  practice. We practice simple postures and play with breathing patterns. Using the breath to complete a whole movement rather than taking a breath then moving. The repetitive element provides time to get in sync with your breath and feel out the poses making them your own. Depending on your body it may or may not feel like a strong practice, from experience it's feels more intense as we're not used to repeating the same pose again and again. Saying that it then becomes more of a mental challenge to keep your mind present on the breath! Together we will focus on quieting the active puppy mind, reconnect to the body that serves us and actively be the watcher of what is going on inside and out. Come try a class to see if this style suits you.


Do you find it hard to switch off, suffer from anxiety or that empty feeling that life is just not enough and you seek the next great thing to make life better? Things are in a permanent state of change, which is pretty exciting! Yoga can help you flow with the change rather than be stifled by it. Needs change from day to day so whatever you feel you need focusing on in our session can change. Getting in tune with your body (massage can help this too) can help identify niggles that need to be addressed rather than pushed down and left to fester and can rear its ugly head in form of persistent injury, discontentment and disease. Yoga is self exploration and self enquiry and it never stops. You are your own teacher, but I am honoured if you need guidance and want to ask questions. Enquire away!

No public classes at the mo.

Please get in touch for 1:1 or 2:1 sessions at Studio 65.